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Tara Lalvani On Beautifect, Marlow And Valentine’s Day

We speak to entrepreneur Tara Lalvani about her latest venture in the beauty industry and why she can’t get enough of Marlow

What inspired the launch of Beautifect and when did this happen?

I was looking for a product, not a business. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I thought this needs to exist! I have always been a huge beauty lover and born from my own need for something better, I set out on a mission to design and create the revolutionary Beautifect Box. I came from being a dental surgeon and had a vision of something entirely different, I never let my past define my future, and that’s why Beautifect exists today! We launched right in the middle of the pandemic. There will never be a ‘right time’ to do something; sometimes you just have to go for it! I truly believe you should never limit yourself but follow your dreams, make big goals and be your own biggest motivator. Every product has to be created by someone, why not you or me?

Tara Dg
Tara Lalvani

What kind of products are we able to buy today?

Innovative tech, premium craftsmanship, and an empowering mission to make women’s lives easier are the heart of everything Beautifect does and all our products reflect this. The Beautifect Box is your chic portable dressing table that lets you get ready in comfort wherever suits you best all whilst achieving a better result in less time and with less effort, currently this is available in Nude & White. We also have our chic Tote Bag to store and protect your Beautifect Box or carry larger beauty tools, our popular Vanity Bag for storing additional beauty products, the Beautifect Blender for flawless makeup application and Crystal Nail file are must-have essentials and recently we launched our fantastic 100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask! Each has been met with rave reviews but you need to be quick as we have sold out multiple times across the range!

This interview will coincide with our Valentine’s Day issue, so will you have anything special on offer then?

I would definitely recommend signing up to our newsletter, all our exclusive offers can be found here for all our subscribers. We have an incredible Beautifect family of loyal customers and fans and we want them to be the first to know about any offers!

What are your ambitions for the future of Beautifect?

Beautifect is the ultimate go to brand for high quality leading beauty tools. We are continuously developing further items and using the latest technology we ensure our products perform better than what already exists, products that really will improve your beauty routine. We are also expanding globally and increasing our digital and physical footprint to keep up with demand and ensure our products are accessible for everyone. There is so much more to come!

Can you give us an idea of how a typical day for you pans out?

Usually my alarm will go off about 7am and I’ll check my messages and emails. With Beautifect being international there are usually a lot from either the US or Dubai. I’ll then get myself ready for the day with my Beautifect Box. After that there isn’t really a typical day – I am always in meetings or conference calls or out and about meeting new people and contacts. Each day is new, different and exciting and that’s what I love the most – you never know what a new day is going to bring! Staying fit and healthy is really important so I do make sure I squeeze in some exercise where I can and eat well.

Where in Buckinghamshire do you live and what do you love most about it? 

The scenery, fresh air and sense of community is wonderful. It’s a beautiful charming area that has a real mix of modern and traditional features. It’s great as a respite from the hustle and bustle of being in town; it’s so important to reduce stress as much as possible and to have such scenic open spaces on your doorstep is amazing. 

She is a big fan of Marlow

Do you have a favourite spot or place where all the family love heading to?

We do really love Marlow, it has a great eclectic mix of shops, cafes, scenery and the river views are beautiful especially in the sunshine!

Finally Tara, what are your hopes for 2022?

To continue to grow and expand globally with high quality and innovative essential beauty tools. We also hope to see all women around the world using Beautifect products as part of their daily routines.

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