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Sophie Bertrand On Creating Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen

We chat to Buckinghamshire-based foodie influencer, Sophie Bertrand, the brains behind Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen

It looks like you have welcomed a new addition to the family recently. Congratulations! How is it going?

Yes! Our little boy, he is absolutely gorgeous. Being a mum is the most amazing, yet challenging thing I have ever done.

I guess it’s clear where the inspiration for the Feed Your Pregnancy ebook came from. What has the response to that been like?

People have absolutely loved it and I have had great feedback. Pregnancy can be a bit of a rollercoaster and I wanted to share a resource with people that could really aid in supporting them.

She Created An Ebook During Her Pregnancy
She created an ebook during her pregnancy

How did your eating habits change?

First trimester I felt like I didn’t recognise myself – all I could stomach was plain food, but come week 11 I actually went back to how I would usually eat and fuelled my body in a really healthy way.

What did you cover in the ebook?

The ebook covers different aspects of nutrition, morning sickness, unwanted pregnancy symptoms, supplements, plant foods and recipes to support each trimester.

Looking back, were you always interested in nutrition?

No! I couldn’t be less bothered about food growing up. It wasn’t until I developed a disordered relationship with food that I started to look at it differently.

I see you trained in psychology. Does that come into play with your work as a nutritionist?

Yes – I truly believe the two go hand in hand and understanding different psychological aspects in relation to food is so important in my practice.

Her Instagram Is Full Of Tasty Healthy Recipes
Her Instagram is full of tasty, healthy recipes

What would you say is the biggest common mistake we make with our food?

I see a lot of black and white thinking when it comes to people’s relationship with food. Health doesn’t have to be all or nothing and there is no one size fits all approach. People would do well to identify what healthy looks like to them and stop looking for some ‘miracle’ approach. Balance and flexibility is key.

How and why did you develop Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen?

I originally created SHK to share simple yet nutritious recipes for those who wanted to experiment more in the kitchen. As my relationship with food developed into a more positive one, I wanted to share deliciously nourishing recipes. I started it is as a blog and had no idea it would turn into a business!

What is the over-riding ethos behind the recipes you create and advice you offer?

That we can eat for health as well as enjoyment! Healthy shouldn’t feel boring or restrictive and I love encouraging people to develop healthy relationships with food.

Forking Wellness came out earlier this year. What’s the story behind that?

After starting our Forking Wellness podcast [along with Bari Stricoff], we were approached by a publisher to turn our ethos and conversations into a book. We are extremely grateful that we were able to create such a detailed and valuable resource for our followers.

Whereabouts do you live and what do you love best about the area?

We live in Buckinghamshire and I absolutely love how green it is here! We have lovely walks surrounding us as well delicious eateries and easy access into London.

Is it a great spot for foodies?

There are some lovely spots here, yes, but not quite the variety you get in the city.

You clearly have a lot on your plate – no pun intended – but what’s next?

I do have a lot going on and I like it that way, but for now I am just trying to work out how to balance work and Mum life!

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