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Kim Winser On Winser London’s Success And Working With Cat Deeley

We interview Kim Winser on the history of brand, Winser London, and why it has consistently caught the eye of celebrities

Let’s rewind to 2013 – what inspired you to launch your own brand?

I was passionate about supporting busy women with beautiful quality clothes that give confidence, flatter figures, and make for an easier work to weekend life with fashion right style.

What did you want to offer and why did you think it would make you stand out?

Having led several luxury brands, I wanted to bring super luxe yarns fabrics to women at more affordable prices. Our pure cashmere Scottish knitwear is not only good for the world, as sustainable and recycled, but closer to £200 than many in luxury at £1000+!

Kim Winser Obe
Kim Winser OBE, founder of Winser London

Has anything changed with your ethos since?

I remain energised to offer something special. We put all our value into the very best fabrics, we cut patterns for every size to help flatter and we love fashion but investment fashion, trends that will stay with us – the opposite to fast fashion.

How do you look back on the eight years since you launched?

When I see our designs being worn by the most impressive in the world – from Emma Watson, Olivia Coleman, Gillian Anderson to numerous features in Vogue and Harper’s – and now shipping to 76 countries worldwide I feel proud. Exhausted some days, but super proud.

Can you define your style?

I’m inspired by a mix of Lauren Bacall and my mum! They both had super easy, yet sharp style, never trying too hard but finding what suited their figures and their lifestyles. Not sure I achieve it every day, but my style is my own. I’d call it modern classic. 

What kind of experience do you offer at your boutiques?

We offer a selection of our collection and constantly add new designs. The team are wonderful, hand-picked for their passion and talent by our head of retail, Torly, who is a super ex-Harrods buyer. We offer one to one special styling sessions and if desired our head of design, Jayne, will offer a styling event to small groups.

Has it been lovely opening them again and seeing clients face to face?

Just excellent. I think I was one of the first customers in each store and it has been super to meet some of our customers over the past few weeks. Autumn designs will be arriving soon so lots to look forward to.

Knit By Cat Deeley For Winser London
Knit by Cat Deeley for Winser London

We are focusing on the Cat Deeley collection in this feature. What can you tell us about it?

All hand knitted in Scotland, each piece is like art, made over many days each, they should be kept and passed through generations, like an heirloom. I know they are not priced for everyone, but for some they will become a true favourite. I just love the poncho.

Have you enjoyed working with Cat?

Ican say without hesitation yes, I have loved it. She is genuinely a lovely warm talented woman and wonderful mother and Patrick, her husband, is great fun too.

She’s the latest in a line of celebrities who have partnered with you. How do you build those relationships?

I like to work with celebrities I respect, real woman who have achieved a great deal. Life is short and my brand is very important to me, so working with amazing women adding a touch of their passion and style to the brand is amazing, popular and I’m glad to say successful too.

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