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How To Tackle Body Confidence Issues

Freedom awaits, as do potentially holidays oversees, but for many this means body concerns rear their ugly head once again. Dr Selena Langdon offers a summer SOS

With longer days, warmer evenings, and summer holidays possibly around the corner, this means a change in our wardrobes and thoughts of what we might wear to the beach or to sit by the pool with our favourite book. For some, this is a time to look forward to, but it is also a period of heightened emotions as many of us can be self-conscious of our bodies.

As we age, the body naturally retains more fat which can be increasingly difficult to shift, despite our best efforts. At the same time collagen and elastin decline causing changes in our skin’s appearance. The natural ageing process, as well as life events such as childbirth, can lead to considerable changes that cannot be reversed, but many of today’s more advanced medical aesthetic treatments can help to treat these concerns effectively.

Stubborn fat

In my clinic, cryolipolysis with CoolSculpting Elite (fat freezing) is by far the most popular body treatment. First available in 2010, the treatment is highly effective at removing stubborn areas of fat. CoolSculpting was invented by Harvard scientists and is the only machine licensed by the FDA. While there are several copycat options now offered, the CoolSculpting machine is by far the safest with years of research. I strongly recommend that as fat freezing is a permanent treatment it should only be performed under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Not everyone feels comfortable by a pool

Muscle weakness

While the dream of washboard abs or toned buttocks might seem out of reach, in 2018 the world welcomed a new treatment called Emsculpt. This device was based on many years of research into physio and rehabilitation equipment. The treatment is hugely popular in the USA with celebrity and professional athletes, but in my clinic the treatment is most popular with new mums who are looking to treat diastasis recti after pregnancy. Nearly half of women will experience this condition postpartum and Emsculpt is ideal for toning and tightening the abdomen. It is important to note that while sit ups might seem like the answer, they do cause intra-abdominal pressure to increase, which can make the abdominal muscles push forward even more, making the problem worse.


Affecting around 80% of women, cellulite is caused by tough, long fibrous bands which tether the skin to underlying muscle, with fat lying in between. This leads to the dimpling effect. Treatments for cellulite have been around for a long time and there are several that are effective at reducing its appearance. There are surgical options which can eliminate the tethers under the skin, but the recovery time from these can vary and might not suit those with holidays already booked. In my practice I offer Emtone, a combination of radiofrequency and acoustic wave therapy, which is a non-surgical treatment and one that is very popular as it not only smooths out the skin, but helps to stimulate collagen at the same time without the downtime of surgery.

Dr Selena Langdon is an Aesthetic Doctor and founder of Berkshire Aesthetics – find out more at

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