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How To Choose Your Perfect Kitchen

Interior designer, Sandra Rothwell, offers up seven top tips on how you can make the most out of your kitchen

A new kitchen is a solid investment for your home and since it’s often a multi-functional space, it’s well worth investing the time to get the design right.


There are six basic types of kitchen layouts: one wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, peninsula, and island. But before you remodel, consider which one will best fit the size of your floor area, the number of members in your household and the number of appliances and their size. Also consider the ‘working triangle’- sufficient space and flow between the cooker, fridge and sink.


If you have the space, an island can add so much personal and often financial value to your home providing space for built-in utilities and storage and offering extra worktop for food prep or casual dining. I love an L-shaped island, with split level worktops and space for bar stools. A large kitchen could have two islands and even incorporate a dining booth. If you don’t have the space though, a peninsula is a great alternative and will allow extra worktop space and a seating area.

Cabinet Doors

The style and finish of cabinet doors will affect the overall look and budget. Painted Shaker style doors can add a timeless appeal, while wood veneers and metallic finishes can look stunning. Having a mix of finishes can be a great idea if you have the space and the careful choice of cabinet handles can add a real design statement.

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Rothschild & Bickers’ Pick-N-Mix Standard Pendants


A myriad of finishes are available – quartz, marble, granite, polished concrete. Look at the practicalities of each and decide where to use them.


Every kitchen benefits from a few bar stools and a countertop to sit at in my view and this is a great opportunity to add a quirky touch or inject some colour. Dining chairs too can be cool and inexpensive (Andrew Martin have some great options). Leather or faux leather is a great option for sticky fingers!


As well as task lighting which needs to light the areas you will be working in, pendant lighting is a great way to add colour and style to the room. Pendants over the dining area and island look stunning. I love Rothschild and Bickers for their colourful lights.

Colour scheme

After years of neutral colours, stronger kitchen colours are creating an impact. Gorgeous deep blues and greens are very popular and can create a strong contrast with worktops and door furniture. I like to add a feature such as a colourful wallpaper in a booth, or an antique mirror splashback to create a great design detail.

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