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Capital FM’s Aimee Vivian On Bieber, Tapas And Milton Keynes

We catch up with Capital FM’s Aimee Vivian to talk about Christmas fun, the countryside in Buckinghamshire and some local Milton Keynes’ secrets

Christmas seems a long time ago, but how did the Jingle Bell Ball go?

It was amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever get that close or get over being that close to Justin Bieber again. It’s just a lovely weekend where the whole team is together, we get to bring you all of our favourites popstars, and it’s Christmas so everyone is in the best mood. There’s this really special feeling you get when you’re stood in the 02 and someone as big as Ed Sheeran is on that stage and the whole audience is singing his songs at an event you work at. I always get goosebumps.

Does it feel like life is slowly getting back to normal for you?

Yes it really does. I got to go on my first holiday on an actual plane in November and it felt really surreal, but so good. Also it’s been a bit strange for us because we have still been on the radio in the studio for the last couple of years. So day to day my work life (as in getting up for work, going to the studio, going home) was the same. It was the social side that was taken away and that’s the bit that I really need and missed, so it’s so good that gradually it feels like we are getting back on track.

Aimee Vivian
Aimee Vivian

Looking back, is it a decade since you first started working in radio at university? What did you love about it that made you pursue it as a career?

Wow yes, it is a whole decade! Now I feel old! When I was at university, I just loved hosting all the dance shows we were putting on for our degree and I thought “I love this, this could be something I pursue”. When I moved back home to Milton Keynes, MKFM had just started, and I was working full time with my dad’s PATesting business (Janus Safety Solutions) and I volunteered after work every day. I did it for nearly three years before Capital approached me – that’s how much I loved just getting to sit behind a mic, chatting to everyone and playing good songs.

How would you sum up your time with Capital so far?

Unbelievably brilliant. I genuinely feel so lucky I get to call this my job every day. It’s the best.

Have there been particular highlights/interviews you have done that will always stand out for you?

We’ve done some amazing broadcasts all around the UK and Europe. I loved it when we got to go to Casa Amor, we did our radio shows from there, it was incredible. A standout moment though was probably back in 2019 backstage at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball, I was stood side of the stage ready to go on and present, Harry Styles was performing and Stormzy was up next. Stormzy gave me the biggest hug and then Harry Styles runs off, high fives us and then goes to chat to Stormzy. It was a beautiful moment to witness and be a part of. They were both bigging each other up and how they loved each other’s music. When you see artists interacting like that it’s super special.

What can we expect on your afternoon show?

Well, you will have to listen and find out!

Out of work, do you still live in Milton Keynes? What do you love about the area?

Yes I do. I’ve now converted to the village life so just outside, but I just love that feeling of getting on the train from London and getting to go home every day. I actually feel like I switch off from work and life sometimes. Waking up and being able to take the dogs round the fields. My family and best friends are here so I get to see them. I think it’s just an amazing place to live, there’s so much to do.

Aimee With Dog
Buckinghamshire is perfect for a spot of dog walking

If possible, can you pick out three local places you love visiting the most?

The Old Thatched inn, Adstock; Greedy Italian, Bletchley; and College Woods near Little Horwood.

Spring is approaching, so do you have outdoor spots you love in Buckinghamshire?

That’s actually really hard because there’s so many. I literally go on the footpath maps and find new routes to walk the dogs all the time especially ones that lead to a pub at the end. But I love the walks through the Aspley Heath woods, also round Stony Stratford towards the old mill, and also you can walk to Cosgrove and end up at the Barley Mow that way too.

Do you have a local secret you are willing to reveal?

One of my favourite places to eat out is a little tapas bar in Wolverton called Ole. It’s authentic Spanish tapas and is absolutely incredible. Also the Mole and Chicken near Long Crendon is absolutely amazing. They are both tucked away.

Finally Aimee, what does 2022 hold in store for you?

Well, that would be telling. No seriously though lots more radio, lots more time with my dogs at home – we are renovating our house so expect to see that on my social media channels! And hopefully a few other things we are working on too…

Catch Aimee Vivian on Capital weekdays 1-4pm and Saturdays 12-4pm, and follow her @aimeevivian

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